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About The Chronicles of Riddick


This movie starring Vin Diesel is a sequel to the Diesel film Pitch Black which premiered in 2000.  Diesel plays the role of Riddick an escaped convict and a hunted man in the middle of two opposing forces of a major crusade 500 years in the future in the 26th century.


News Articles about The Chronicles of Riddick


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Coming Soon 11/16/04 The Further Chronicles of Riddick

ic Wales 8/27/04 Vintage Vin 8/27/04 Slick Diesel action but Chronicles do little else

Digital Bulletin 8/27/04 Text messages push Diesel movie to male film fans

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Sunday Herald  8/14/04 Vin’s dame plan

Ananova 8/12/04 Riddick to ride again

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Cinescape 8/10/04 Riddick gets three DVD Chronicles

Sydney Morning Herald 7/31/04 The Chronicles of Riddick 7/29/04 The Chronicles of Riddick

Cinescape 6/24/04 The Riddick that never was

USA Today 6/17/04 Davalos is on a 'Riddick' rush

Boston Globe 6/13/04 Chronicles of Riddick is a breakout success

Toledo Blade 6/12/04 Movie review: The Chronicles of Riddick

Knox News 6/12/04 'Chronicles of Riddick' is big, baaaaad sci-fi fun

Teen Hollywood 6/11/04 Karl Urban: From “Cupid” to World-slayer

Baltimore Sun 6/11/04 Vin Diesel's 'Riddick': the bother from another planet

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/11/04 'Riddick' effects surpass 'Pitch Black'

Seattle PI 6/11/04 Diesel-fueled 'Riddick' chokes on its exhausting action

CNN 6/11/04 Review: 'Riddick' big, boomy, bad

Teen Hollywood 6/11/04 Movie Review: The Chronicles of Riddick

NBC13 6/11/04 Review: Diesel Powers 'Chronicles Of Riddick'

Boston Globe 6/11/04 'Chronicles' benefits from Diesel power


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