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This movie is about Dean a high school student who finds his best friend Troy, a drug dealer, having committed suicide in his bedroom.  Deans father is a pop psychologist who annoys his son by writing about him in his books.  A gang of kids at the school decide to get Troy's stash by kidnapping Dean's kid brother and blackmail him into retrieving the drugs.  Things go awry when they kidnap the wrong boy.


News Articles about The Chumscrubber


Zap2It 11/11/05 With a Name Like 'The Chumscrubber' It Has To Be Good

Pioneer Press 8/5/05 In the cesspool of bad cinema, 'Chumscrubber' is a bottom feeder

Daily Texan 8/5/05 'Chumscrubber' character-driven tedium

Journal Times 8/5/05 The Chumscrubber: Best ad ever for ‘Donnie Darko

Osceola News 8/5/05 The Chumscrubber

Heraldnet 8/5/05 'Burbs too easy a target for indie flick

Oregonian 8/5/05 Dark deeds in suburbia

Star Tribune 8/5/05 Movie review: 'Chumscrubber' a shallow, synthetic critique of suburbia

Seattle Times 8/5/05 "Chumscrubber": Fine cast, pacing show director's potential despite stale story

WNBC 8/5/05 Review: 'Chumscrubber' Harsh Look At Suburbia

Seattle PI 8/5/05 'Chumscrubber': Social satire sorely lacks substance

Film Jerk 8/4/05 Film Review: The Chumscrubber

IGN 7/20/05 Exclusive Trailer: The Chumscrubber


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