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This movie stars Robert Redford as Wayne Hayes, self-made millionaire who appears to have it all including a loving wife played by Helen Mirren. His world is shattered when he is kidnapped and held for ransom in a forest.  


News Articles about The Clearing


Journal Now 8/15/04 Engaging: Redford, Mirren, Dafoe mix it up

Hartford Courant 7/11/04 `The Clearing' Could Open A New Path For Jonah Smith

Baltimore Sun 7/9/04 Good trek through 'Clearing' until the end

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/9/04 ‘The Clearing’ not what it seems to be

Knox News 7/9/04 'Clearing' captures complex war of words

Indy Star 7/9/04 Thriller maintains poise as we learn more about hostage and his kidnapper

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/9/04 Kidnapping exposes pain

CNN 7/7/04 Robert Redford, indie actor

Chicago Sun Times 7/2/04 The Clearing, Roger Ebert Review 7/2/04 A calm case study of kidnapping

NY Times 7/2/04 A Tale of a Kidnapped Executive, Compelled to Confront His Flaws

Toronto Star 7/2/04 At last, Redford is plausibly cast and interested

Salon 7/2/04 "The Clearing"

Seattle PI 7/2/04 Superb acting, not gimmicks, gives 'The Clearing' its panache

USA Today 7/2/04 'The Clearing' opens up just enough to let Redford shine

NY Daily News 7/2/04 Redford as an uphill racer against clock 6/30/04 Quality of cast elevates The Clearing

Boston Herald 6/27/04 Sundance Kid returns with a vengeance

Extra 6/21/04 Redford Goes Into The Woods

Coming Soon 6/17/04 Advanced Passes for The Clearing in Texas

Zap2It 9/17/02 Willem Dafoe Clears Schedule for 'The Clearing'

IGN 9/17/02 Dafoe Enters The Clearing

Zap2It 8/21/02 Robert Redford to Begin 'The Clearing'


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