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This movie is based on the novel by John le Carré.  Activist Tessa Quale is brutally murdered in a remote area of Northern Kenya.  A doctor who was her companion is assumed to be guilty because it appears he has fled the scene and the evidence points to him.  Her husband is determined to use his privileged status and access to diplomatic information to uncover the truth about her death.  He finds a conspiracy that is more far-reaching and deadly than he ever could have imagined.


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BBC 2/20/06 Critics consider Gardener's woe

BBC 1/31/06 Gardener wins two Standard awards

The Independent 1/19/06 Ten Bafta nominations for Constant Gardener

BBC 1/19/06 Actor Fiennes back in spotlight

Daily Mail 1/19/06 Constant Gardener leads Bafta film race
Zap2It 1/10/06 'Constant Gardener' Star Weisz Pregnant

Jam! 1/9/06 'Gardener' DVD a powerful thriller

Daily Mail 12/22/05 Gardener wrestles with King Kong for award

Stuff 12/22/05 London critics praise Gardener

BBC 12/21/05 London film critics back Gardener

Zap2It 12/1/05 'Gardener' Harvests Top BIFA Trophies

BBC 12/1/05 Constant Gardener wins UK awards

TVNZ 11/11/05 Movie Review: The Constant Gardener

Hollywood Reporter 10/26/05 Simpson's peers dig editing on 'Gardener'

BBC 10/21/05 Love story with a political edge

Hello! 10/20/05 Ralph and Rachel pucker up at 'Gardener' gala

NY Times 9/9/05 Venice Wraps Up with 'Constant Gardener'

Christian Science Monitor 9/2/05 A lush 'Gardener,' where intrigue grows

ET Online 9/2/05 Ralph and Rachel's 'Constant' Love

NBC13 9/2/05 Review: 'Constant Gardener' Balances Action With Deeper Message

Knox News 9/2/05 Film cultivates thrills, tends its romantic roots

AJC 9/2/05 'The Constant Gardener' cultivates deep interest

USA Today 9/2/05 'Gardener' sows the seeds of greatness

Journal Now 9/2/05 Garden of Chills

Knox News 9/2/05 Tale of haves, have-nots familiar terrain for 'Constant' director


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