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About the The Day After Tomorrow Movie


At $125 million it's one of the summer's most expensive movies to produce features multiple hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and snowstorms. The movie stars Dennis Quaid as a paleoclimatologist who fights to save Earth as global warming brings on an Ice Age.


News Articles about the movie The Day After Tomorrow


Cinema Spider 5/8/07 The Day After Tomorrow World Broadcast Premiere May 17th on FOX

Zap2It 11/19/04 'Day After Tomorrow' Not a Disaster at EMAs

Coming Soon 7/12/04 The Day After Tomorrow Hits DVD October 5

Zap2It 7/8/04 'Day After Tomorrow' Is Its Own Disaster

BBC 7/8/04 Hit movie 'copy' claim rejected

Digital Spy 7/7/04 'Day After Tomorrow' gets DVD release date

CBS 6/17/04 Plagiarism Storm Over 'Day After'

CBS 6/5/04 Bad Movie, Bad Politics

Zap2It 6/4/04 Movie Pirates Caught Camcording 'Day After Tomorrow'

CBS 6/2/04 Politics And Bad Acting 6/1/04 Troy Off UK Top Spot

Houston Chronicle 6/1/04 Human drama keeps 'Tomorrow' from being a disaster

Hollywood Reporter 6/1/04 'Tomorrow' new champ with $85 mil

USA Today 6/1/04 'Shrek 2' makes money like there's no 'Tomorrow'

NY Daily News 5/31/04 1-2 punch of 'Shrek 2,' 'Tomorrow' = $143M

Coming Soon 5/29/04 Day After Tomorrow Takes Memorial Day BO Lead

Toronto Star 5/29/04 A wallop of an eco warning

Hollywood Reporter 5/29/04 Ogre vs. disasterpiece theater

CSM 5/28/04 New York is toast. Again.

Salon 5/28/04 "The Day After Tomorrow"

CSM 5/28/04 'Tomorrow's' forecast: bad science on the big screen


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