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About The Door in the Floor


This movie was adapted from John Irving's best-selling novel A Widow for One Year and stars Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger and Mimi Rogers.  Bridges plays a children's book author, Basinger plays his wife and they have a strained marriage caused in part by the death of their two sons in a car accident.  A young man resembling one of their sons that Bridges hires to work as his summer assistant becomes a catalyst to transform their lives. 


News Articles about The Door in the Floor


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Seattle PI 7/14/04 Irving's clever film holds together until the end

Boston Herald 7/14/04 Author has characters tackle his fears

Toronto Star 7/14/04 Grief, lust and love on the rocks

TV Guide 7/14/04 Kim Basinger Widowed

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ET Online 7/14/04 Nude Over Forty

NY Daily News 7/14/04 Bridges & Basinger in L.I. confidential

NY Times 7/14/04 An Idol Who's Deeply in Love With His Own Feet of Clay

Newsday 7/14/04 Don't read too much into this family

Boston Herald 7/13/04 Basinger opens ‘The Door' to her heart, motherhood and new film 7/11/04 Bridges' only crises are on the screen

NY Times 7/11/04 The Director Who Drilled 'The Door in the Floor'

NY Daily News 7/11/04 Love & death on Long Island

Chicago Sun-Times 7/11/04 Basinger looks forward to a more peaceful life

Toronto Star 7/9/04 Basinger, Bridges a good fit despite obvious differences

CBS 7/7/04 Jeff Bridges: The Artist

NY Times 6/28/04 Laid-Back Jeff Bridges, Going Where the Spirit Takes Him

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/04 The Door in the Floor

The Trades 5/30/04 "Door in the Floor, The" Review


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