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In this movie a grieving mother is trying to cope with the loss of her 8 year old son. She is stunned when her psychiatrist tells her that she has created eight years of memories of a son she never had. But when she meets a fellow patient who has a similar experience, Telly embarks on a mission to prove her son's existence and her sanity.


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Seattle PI 9/28/04 'The Forgotten' scares up $21 million at the box office

Hollywood Reporter 9/28/04 Frame is all but 'Forgotten' as b.o. tally hits new low

E!Online 9/27/04 Memorable Open for "Forgotten"

USA Today 9/27/04 Moore's 'Forgotten' finds movie audience

BBC 9/27/04 The Forgotten tops US box office

Zap2It 9/26/04 Audiences Remember 'Forgotten' Over Weekend

Go Memphis 9/26/04 'Forgotten' Earns $22M to Top Box Office

CNN 9/26/04 'The Forgotten' beats expectations to top box office

Coming Soon 9/26/04 The Forgotten Tops the Box Office

Baltimore Sun 9/24/04 Forget-Me-Not

Toledo Blade 9/24/04 Movie review: The Forgotten **

Boston Globe 9/24/04 The Forgotten

Mercury News 9/24/04 Mother or madwoman?

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/24/04 Film review: Forget about ‘The Forgotten’

Chicago Sun-Times 9/24/04 The Forgotten - Roger Ebert Review

CNN 9/24/04 Review: 'Forgotten' barely memorable

Teen Hollywood 9/24/04 Movie Review: The Forgotten

Journal Now 9/24/04 Actress enjoyed chance to work close to home on filming of 'Forgotten'

Seattle PI 9/24/04 Audacious 'Forgotten' is a mind-bending thrill of a thriller

Detroit News 9/24/04 Julianne Moore lifts unreal thriller by keeping it real

Salon 9/24/04 "The Forgotten"

Boston Herald 9/24/04 The Forgotten

Toronto Star 9/24/04 She's unforgettable

Newsday 9/24/04 "The Forgotten"

USA Today 9/24/04 'Forgotten' precisely sums it up

Detroit News 9/24/04 'Forgotten' turns into 'X-Files' reject

NY Daily News 9/24/04 A rough trip down memory lame

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/24/04 Julianne Moore makes 'Forgotten' memorable

Indy Star 9/24/04 'Forgotten' is tribute to maternal love 9/24/04 File this under 'best forgotten'

Newsday 9/22/04 "The Forgotten"

ET Online 9/22/04 Julianne Moore's 'Forgotten' Premiere

ET Online 9/20/04 Julianne's 'Forgotten' Thriller

NY Daily News 9/19/04 Less not always Moore


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