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About The Hulk


The basic plot of The Hulk is that a nuclear scientist is afflicted with the tendency to change into a powerful green monster under stress. The Hulk movie opened in the Summer of 2003.


News Articles about The Hulk


Celebrity Spider 1/30/06 The Clock is Ticking on Eric Bana's Return as the Hulk

USA Today 12/6/05 'Hulk' actor Jack Colvin dies at 71

NY Post 9/17/05 We've Got Game 5/3/04 Bana Hasn't Been Talked to About Hulk 2 4/28/04 The Hulk Movie Game Sells 2 Million Copies

Ironton Tribune 4/28/04 Man comes up with 'Hulk' of a car 4/5/04 Hurd & Arad Still Moving Ahead on Hulk 2

Zap2It 4/5/04 'Hulk'-Lite Gets Green Light

NY Times 4/2/04 'Hulk' Star Settles Toxic Mold Suit

Celebrity Justice 4/1/04 'CJ' Helps The Hulk Win His Mean Green Fight

NBC4 3/29/04 Jury Selection To Begin In 'Hulk' Star Lawsuit 1/27/04 The Academy Snubs The Hulk and X2

Cinescape 1/23/04 Screenwriter found for the Hulk 2 1/23/04 The Hulk Sequel to Feature More Action

Coming Soon 1/22/04 Cut Hulk Spoof on Scary Movie 3 DVD

Japan Times 1/15/04 Green man hulks his weight about 12/26/03 Hulk 2 in Trouble?

BBC 12/22/03 Hulk and Rings' Oscar battle 12/19/03 The Hulk & X2 to Compete For FX Oscar

Tech Review 11/30/03 The Man behind the Monster

Ananova 11/20/03 Marvel reveals new film plans including Hulk 2

DVD Talk 11/7/03 The Incredible Hulk - The Television Series Ultimate Collection

Coming Soon 11/7/03 The Hulk DVD & Video on Top Last Week


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Websites about The Hulk


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