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The Ice Harvest
The Ice Harvest
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All Charlie Arglist (John Cusack) wants for Christmas is two million dollars and a beautiful woman to run away and spend it with.  And his dream is so close to coming true. Charlie and his gangster pal Vic Cavenaugh (Billy Bob Thornton), at the behest of the beautiful Renata, owner of the Sweet Cage strip club, have successfully bilked Kansas City politician Bill Guerrard (Randy Quaid) out of his fortune. Charlie and Renata are about to slip out of Wichita, but a Christmas Eve ice storm blows into town, spoiling their getaway and stranding Charlie with his increasingly suspicious associates.


News Articles about The Ice Harvest


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NY Daily News 11/23/05 'Ice' blockheaded & totally tasteless 11/22/05 An antidote to sugary season's greetings

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