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This movie is about a young filmmaker, played by Matthew Broderick who is given millions of dollars to make his first movie by a mysterious benefactor played by Alec Baldwin.  He eventually finds out that the benefactor is an undercover FBI agent working on a mob sting operation.


News Articles about The Last Shot


Boston Globe 9/24/04 'Last Shot' makes it as a loopy farce

Christian Science Monitor 9/24/04 A movie, the mob, and an FBI sting

Chicago Sun-Times 9/24/04 The Last Shot - Roger Ebert Review

Seattle PI 9/24/04 Broderick and Baldwin make the best of a shaky 'Last Shot'

NY Daily News 9/24/04 A nasty 'Shot' of greed & reality 9/24/04 Comedy ends up dead on arrival

NY Daily News 9/16/04 Calling the 'Shot'


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