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He tries to get out, but they keep pulling him back in...

Zorro (Antonio Banderas) has just risked life, limb and marriage to help California become the 31st state. Now hes hung up his mask, having promised his wife Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) to settle down with their son and just be an average Joe that is, an average Alejandro de la Vega.  But the same forces that conspired to thwart California s quest for statehood are now threatening to unleash a 500-year-old evil that could change the course of history forever.  And Zorro is the only one who can stop them.  So whats a wife to do?  A reluctant but determined Elena chooses to stand by her man, and it turns out she can swashbuckle and sword-wield as good as any masked man.

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Toronto Star 10/28/05 Zorro: Zigs when it should zag

NY Times 10/28/05 Off to Save America With Cape and Mask 10/28/05 Zorro, along with his family, rides again in fun sequel

AJC 10/28/05 'The Legend of Zorro': An older, tamer hero saves the world

Chicago Tribune 10/28/05 Sequel slashes appeal of first 'Zorro' outing

Toledo Blade 10/28/05 Movie review: The Legend of Zorro **

Teen Hollywood 10/28/05 Movie Review: The Legend of Zorro

NBC13 10/28/05 Review: 'Zorro' Good, Old-Fashioned Swashbuckling Fun

Detroit News 10/28/05 'Zorro' returns to become a legend

Metro 10/28/05 Legend Of Zorro strikes up fun

Houston Chronicle 10/28/05 Zorro slices a new hunk of cheese

Seattle PI 10/28/05 'Zorro' sequel has some fun with its fiery stars -- but the script is absurd

Metro 10/28/05 Sewell talks swordplay

USA Today 10/28/05 'Legend of Zorro' fails to make a mark

Jam! 10/28/05 'Zorro' sequel louder & lamer

NY Daily News 10/28/05 Catch up on your Z's

Jam! 10/28/05 Zorro loses his edge

Seattle Times 10/28/05 "Zorro": Slash and burn, baby, bum


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