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Set against the backdrop of the two worlds of Havana, Cuba in 1958, the film chronicles the effect Fidel Castro’s (Gonzalo Menendez) revolt against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (Juan Fernández) has on the three brothers of the Fellove family.  Luis (Nestor Carbonell) joins the revolution as a clandestine terrorist and is killed by Batista supporters.  Ricardo (Enrique Murciano) also joins Castro and kills himself when he finally sees Castro as just another dictator, at least as treacherous as the man he helped him overthrow.  The film focuses on the third brother, Fico Fellove (Andy Garcia), owner of the popular nightclub El Tropico, as he struggles to protect his family and the woman he loves (Inés Sastre) during the turbulent and dangerous times.  Fico watches his culture vanish before his eyes and eventually flees to New York ; it is his love of Cuban music that helps him hold onto his memories.  Observing and chronicling it all is The Writer (Bill Murray).  Garcia also makes his directorial debut in this passionate tribute to his native Cuba .  The film also features Dustin Hoffman, Tomas Milian, Kenneth Canaan, Victor Rivers, Steven Bauer, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, and Jsu Garcia as Che Guevara.


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