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About The Notebook


In this movie an old man reads from a notebook to his wife afflicted with Alzheimer's.  His wife is the young woman in the stories he is telling which chronicle of their love affair and the war driving them apart.  The movie stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams and Gena Rowlands and James Garner who play the lovebirds as the older version two in the stories.


News Articles about The Notebook


Cinema Spider 12/14/07 CBS To Broadcast "The Notebook" Saturday December 15

Celebrity Spider 2/6/07 The Notebook Inspired Jessica Simpson to Split From Nick Lachey

Zap2It 8/15/05 'Notebook' Surfs Away with Teen Choice Awards

BBC 8/15/05 Notebook triumphs at Teen awards

Commercial Appeal 8/15/05 'Notebook' wins eight Teen Choice awards

NY Daily News 7/1/04 Garner fills 'Notebook' with feeling

Orlando Sentinel 6/26/04 Crass to class, a new entry in her 'Notebook'

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/25/04 'The Notebook' sketches life's love

Toledo Blade 6/25/04 Movie review: The Notebook ****

Louisville Channel 6/25/04 Review: Performances, Atmosphere Inspire 'The Notebook'

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/25/04 The lady and the tramp

Teen Hollywood 6/25/04 Ryan Gosling: Reluctant Romantic Hero

CNN 6/25/04 Review: 'Notebook' a series of cliches

Teen Hollywood 6/25/04 Movie Review: The Notebook

Chart Attack 6/25/04 Film Review: The Notebook

Knox News 6/25/04 'You know she means it'

Knox News 6/25/04 Poignant performances keep weepy saga afloat

Seattle PI 6/25/04 Touching 'Notebook' overcomes flaws to satisfy romance fans in need of a good cry

Houston Chronicle 6/25/04 Clich-filled 'Notebook' spirals out of control


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