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In this movie Hilary Duff creates an imaginary secret admirer for her mother (played by Heather Locklear) to help her self esteem.  The film follows her exploits in keeping the ruse going while she almost misses the real perfect man when he presents himself.


News Articles about The Perfect Man


Teen Hollywood 11/27/05 DVD Review: The Perfect Man

Cinema Spider 10/12/05 Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth Star in The Perfect Man DVD

Jam! 6/26/05 Duff, Locklear in search of perfection

NMC 6/21/05 Howie Day The Perfect Man

Houston Chronicle 6/21/05 Locklear finds imperfections make people more exciting

Detroit News 6/20/05 The right Duff

Cinema Spider 6/17/05 Curb Records Hoping for Another Coyote Ugly With The Perfect Man

Chicago Sun-Times 6/17/05 The Perfect Man- A Roger Ebert Review

Asbury Park Press 6/17/05 Movie Review: The Perfect Woman

Seattle Times 6/17/05 Patchwork plot strands a cast in search of a movie

Houston Chronicle 6/17/05 Perfect Man gets Duff closer to perfection

Toledo Blade 6/17/05 Movie review: Perfect Man **

Chicago Tribune 6/17/05 'Perfect Man'

Detroit News 6/17/05 Not-quite 'Perfect Man' suits Hilary Duff

Toronto Star 6/17/05 Duff's world less than perfect

Seattle PI 6/17/05 'Perfect Man' is an imperfect showcase for the talents of teen star

Boston Herald 6/17/05 Is Duff `Perfect'? Or will `Herbie's' Lohan race on by?

CNN 6/17/05 Review: 'Perfect Man' fatally flawed

Jam! 6/17/05 Hilary-Heather flick not Perfect

Boston Herald 6/17/05 Sex & silly women: 'Perfect Man' is anything but

USA Today 6/17/05 'The Perfect Man' doesn't measure up 6/17/05 'Perfect Man' is a perfect dud

Globe and Mail 6/17/05 The Perfect Man **

Jam! 6/17/05 Perfectly dreadful

NY Daily News 6/17/05 This setup is far from 'Perfect'


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