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The Pink Panther (2004)
The Pink Panther (2005)
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This movie, starring Steve Martin is a prequel to the original 1964 film starring Peter Sellers. Inspector Jacques Clouseau must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond.


News Articles about The Pink Panther


Seattle PI 6/13/06 This Week's Hot Video: 'The Pink Panther'

BBC 3/21/06 Pink Panther remake tops UK chart

CBS 2/19/06 Steve Martin, 'Where Are You?'

Cinema Spider 2/18/06 A Triple Crown Week for Beyonce Knowles

ET Online 2/13/06 Audiences Go 'Pink'

E!Online 2/13/06 "Pink Panther" Pounces

Hollywood Reporter 2/12/06 'Pink Panther' steals $21.7 mil at boxoffice

Coming Soon 2/12/06 The Pink Panther Tops the Box Office

Chicago Sun-Times 2/10/06 The Pink Panther - Review by Roger Ebert

Detroit News 2/10/06 Not tickled 'Pink'

Houston Chronicle 2/10/06 Good enough to redeem the stalled series

Christian Science Monitor 2/10/06 'Pink Panther' roars with laughter

Toronto Star 2/10/06 Movie Review: Pink Panther strikes out again

Mercury News 2/10/06 Martin's Clouseau excels in 'Panther's' familiar 'minkee' business

Knox News 2/10/06 Martin's clueless inspector can't best Sellers in Panther

Chicago Tribune 2/10/06 Martin loses in Sellers' market

Toledo Blade 2/10/06 Movie review: The Pink Panther ***

AM New York 2/10/06 The Pink Panther

Seattle PI 2/10/06 Peter who? Martin is perfect as Inspector Clouseau 2/10/06 Do-do-do-do (don't-don't-don't)

AJC 2/10/06 Martin recalls his earlier, funnier self in 'The Pink Panther'

Jam! 2/10/06 Case closed: It's funny

USA Today 2/10/06 Martin bumbles into fun

Jam! 2/10/06 'Pink Panther' a real stinker

NY Daily News 2/10/06 Martin's 'Pink Panther' doesn't have a Clou(seau)

USA Today 2/10/06 Beyoncé: Pretty in 'Pink'


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