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In an extreme case of desperate men resorting to desperate measures, Steve Barker (Johnny Knoxville) and his friend sink to an all-time low.  In order to pay off a debt, the pair bet on the Special Olympics, in which Steve poses as a mentally challenged athlete.  He soon discovers, however, that the real athletes outclass him not only in ability, but in every other conceivable way as well. In an attempt at redemption, Steve joins forces with the athletes to dethrone the arrogant, reigning champion of the Games. The athletes train Steve in their own unique but effective way, and in the process he learns to be more of a human being and less of a jerk.


News Articles about The Ringer


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Knox News 12/23/05 Knoxville film on the mark with humor and heart

Chicago Tribune 12/23/05 Special Olympians give reviews of `Ringer'

Newsday 12/23/05 Special Olympics comedy surprisingly tasteful

Jam! 12/23/05 'Ringer' isnít risque enough

Toronto Star 12/23/05 Ringer: Nothing special

Chicago Tribune 12/23/05 `Ringer' endorsements don't patch its problems

Metro 12/23/05 Ringer leaves bad taste

AJC 12/23/05 'The Ringer' earns a medal for opening minds

Seattle PI 12/23/05 It's no contest: 'Ringer' is bland and predictable

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Zap2It 12/23/05 Heigl Overcame Reservations on 'The Ringer'

Seattle Times 12/23/05 Cheeky comedy "The Ringer" has a big heart

Dallas Morning News 12/23/05 'Ringer' had some hurdles to clear 12/22/05 `The Ringer' serves fat-free guilty pleasure

Houston Chronicle 12/22/05 Surprisingly sweet, for Knoxville and the Farrelly brothers

USA Today 12/22/05 'The Ringer' won't set any records

CBS 12/22/05 Knoxville Takes On 'Special' Role

Zap2It 12/22/05 The Ringer

Newsday 12/22/05 Breaking barriers with humor

Hollywood Reporter 12/22/05 The Ringer

Metro 12/21/05 "The Ringer's" got no stinger

Zap2It 12/21/05 'The Ringer' Is Special for Knoxville

Teen Hollywood 12/19/05 Katherine Heigl: Winning Her Race

USA Today 12/9/05 Farrelly brothers take on Special Olympics

IGN 9/21/04 Photos from The Ringer

IGN 2/6/02 Script Review of The Ringer


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