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Turning into a sheepdog at unexpected intervals could, quite possibly, drive a wedge between a man and his family.  Not so in this rollicking remake of the Disney comedy classic.  Tim Allen stars as workaholic Deputy D.A. Dave Douglas, whose career ambitions cause him to take yet another case - and more time away from his already neglected wife Rebecca (Kristin Davis) and kids (Zena Gray and Spencer Breslin).  The case involves an animal laboratory where, during the course of his investigation, Dave becomes infected with a top-secret, genetic mutation serum which changes him into, well, a shaggy dog, sometimes at the most inopportune moments.  From his new perspective, Dave is able to gain insights into his family’s dreams and desires, things he never before noticed.  Now he wants nothing more than to resume his normal life, but with a renewed emphasis on Rebecca and the children.  But first he must stop the scoundrels behind the mutation serum, uniting his whole family in the adventure.


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