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This story is set in the backwoods of the Louisiana delta near New Orleans.  The young woman caretaker of a invalid finds a skeleton key that unlocks every door of their creepy house.  She discovers a hidden attic room and becomes involved in a morbid mystery involving voodoo practitioners.


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Fox News 8/14/05 'The Skeleton Key': Hoodoo or Hooey?

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Detroit News 8/12/05 'Skeleton Key' unlocks Kate Hudson's potential 8/12/05 Stylish Cajun-country thriller doesn't know when to quit

Chicago Tribune 8/12/05 `Key' unlocks film survival rules

Journal Now 8/12/05 Live-in Shock: Hospice worker's job in scary old house is more than she signed on for

Houston Chronicle 8/12/05 Moody Skeleton has no life, no frights

USA Today 8/12/05 This shocking twist is ... secret

Jam! 8/12/05 Elegant thriller unlocks creepy terror

USA Today 8/12/05 'Skeleton Key' goes bump, then thuds

NY Daily News 8/12/05 'Skeleton Key' unlocks few shocks

Jam! 8/12/05 Kate Hudson scary flick off Key


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