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About The Stepford Wives


This movie starring Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick,  Christopher Walken,  Faith Hill Glenn Close and Jon Lovitz is about a family that moves to Stepford, Connecticut from Manhattan.  There they find that the wives are strangely perfect in every way.


News Articles about The Stepford Wives


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Marin Independent Journal 6/12/04 A soul-less copy of 'Stepford Wives'

Toronto Star 6/12/04 Normal roles less weird for Walken

Detroit News 6/12/04 Today's women might not relate to 'Stepford Wives'

Knox News 6/12/04 New version of 'Stepford Wives' is flawed, but still hilarious

Fox News 6/12/04 'Stepford Wives' Actresses Mock Roles

Toledo Blade 6/12/04 Movie review: The Stepford Wives 

E!Online 6/11/04 Trouble in "Stepford"?

Baltimore Sun 6/11/04 Out of step

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ET Online 6/11/04 Cojo Meets the Men of 'Stepford'

Seattle PI 6/11/04 'Stepford Wives' sets a deliciously comic table but blows the main course

CSM 6/11/04 'Wives' is all women's glib 6/11/04 Stepford Wives lands with a thud

Teen Hollywood 6/11/04 Movie Review: The Stepford Wives

Coming Soon 6/11/04 The Stepford Wives


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