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Tommy Lee Jones stars in this quixotic tale set in the borderlands of west Texas and northern Mexico. In the film, a man is shot and hurriedly buried in the desert, only to be reburied in the cemetery of the tiny town of Van Horn. Pete Perkins (Jones) is a local ranch foreman who once made a promise to the dead man. In living up to his pledge, he kidnaps a border patrolman and forces him to disinter the body. The two then embark, along with a mule to which the body is tied, on a dangerous journey, both physical and spiritual, across the border to give Melquiades Estrada a proper burial in his Mexican hometown. The film also features country singer Dwight Yoakam.


Tommy Lee Jones grew up in the West Texas and was interested in making a film about his home country, his home people. Several years ago, he asked Guillermo Arriaga to write a screenplay set in the area that would star Jones, who would also direct the film. Said Jones, "I wanted essentially to make a study in social contrast between the land that's south of the Rio Grande River and the land that's north of it. I wanted to understand how things are the same, and how they're different, how they're in and out of human control, what ironies might exist there, what injustices, what glory, beauty, and redemption you can find in this area that has its own character, its own quality…."


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