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About Thunderbirds


This movie stars Bill Paxton as ex-astronaut and USAF Colonel Jeff Tracy in the year 2065.  He and his five sons form a rescue team called The Thunderbirds.  Anthony Edwards plays a technological genius who invents amazing rockets that is used by the team.


News Articles about Thunderbirds 8/27/04 Thunderbirds are no!

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Hartford Courant 7/30/04 Bring Back The Puppets

Toledo Blade 7/30/04 Movie review: Thunderbirds **

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Chicago Sun-Times 7/30/04 Thunderbirds / *1/2 (PG)- Roger Ebert Review

Newsday 7/30/04 Thunderbirds: a bumpy ride

Detroit News 7/30/04 Dull 'Thunderbirds' deserves a rescue of its own

Toronto Star 7/30/04 Retro rockets reach low altitude

NBC13 7/30/04 Review: 'Thunderbirds' Are Go Again

NY Times 7/30/04 Space Age Hero Kids, Halting Evil Frantically

CBS 7/30/04 Sir Ben Kingsley: A Dark Hero

Seattle PI 7/30/04 Kingsley and Paxton's star power can't save 'Thunderbirds'

USA Today 7/30/04 Fantasy propels 'Thunderbirds'

NY Daily News 7/30/04 'Thunderbirds': Stupor heroes

ET Online 7/29/04 'Thunderbirds' Takes Off!

USA Today 7/28/04 Movie brings 'Trek,' 'General Hospital' icons together at last

Teen Hollywood 7/27/04 The Thunderbird Gang is Go!

Zap2It 7/26/04 Sir Ben Talks Shakespeare and 'Thunderbirds'

Ananova 7/23/04 Thunderbird 3 lands in London

Daily Record 7/23/04 Thunderbirds Launch Is Grow

Digital Spy 7/22/04 In Review: Thunderbirds

Ananova 7/22/04 Sir Ben says making Thunderbirds was 'fun'

Hollywood Reporter 7/20/04 Thunderbirds

BBC 7/19/04 In pictures: Thunderbirds UK premiere

MegaStar 7/19/04 Sunk without a Tracy

Telegraph 7/19/04 Lady Penelope, without strings

This Is London 7/19/04 Thunderbirds are go in London 7/19/04 Stars in London for Thunderbirds premiere

Digital Spy 7/19/04 'Thunderbirds' premieres in London

BBC 7/19/04 Thunderbirds are go 7/18/04 Thunderbirds Have Gone

BBC 7/18/04 Stars attend Thunderbirds debut

BBC 7/14/04 Ex-student's Thunderbirds designs

Independent 7/14/04 Thunderbirds creator is no go over film version of puppet show

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IGN 12/2/03 A Look at Thunderbirds' New Ride

IGN 6/25/03 Thunderbirds Are... No?

IGN 2/3/03 Kingsley Joins Thunderbirds

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IGN 1/30/03 Are Thunderbirds ''Go'' for Paxton?

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IGN 10/24/02 Thunderbirds Are Go

Zap2It 7/19/02 Frakes to Helm 'Thunderbirds' for Universal


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