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Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride
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Continuing in the dark romantic tradition of "T he Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Edward Scissorhands," "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" tells the story of Victor (Johnny Depp), who is whisked away to the underworld to marry the mysterious Corpse Bride (Helena Bonham Carter) while his real bride, Victoria (Emily Watson), waits bereft in the Land of the Living


News Articles about Tim Burton's Corpse Bride


BBC 3/9/06 Corpse Bride is top animated film

NBC13 2/16/06 Interview: Burton Talks 'Corpse Bride,' Oscar Nom

Hollywood Reporter 2/15/06 'Corpse' is lively animated Oscar nominee

Seattle PI 1/31/06 This Week's Hot Pick: 'Corpse Bride'

Jam! 1/29/06 'Corpse Bride' DVD to die for

The Trades 1/17/06 Corpse Bride (Widescreen Edition)

Metro 11/18/05 'Wallace,' 'Corpse Bride' on Oscar shortlist

BBC 10/18/05 UK premiere for Corpse Bride film

Coming Soon 9/30/05 Helena Bonham Carter: Duchess of Animation 

USA Today 9/28/05 Stop-motion coaxes 'Corpse Bride,' 'Gromit' to life

NY Daily News 9/28/05 How hit 'Corpse' came to life

Philly.com 9/25/05 A flick that Burton loves to death

Toledo Blade 9/23/05 Movie review: Tim Burton's Corpse Bride ***

Asbury Park Press 9/23/05 Dark, inventive and impeccable, "Corpse" is typical Tim Burton

Chicago Sun-Times 9/23/05 Tim Burton's Corpse Bride - A Roger Ebert Review

AJC 9/23/05 'Corpse Bride' mixes merriment and melancholy

Chicago Tribune 9/23/05 Who cadaver love her?

Charlotte Observer 9/23/05 'Bride' a happy marriage of genres

Knox News 9/23/05 Boy meets ghoul

NBC13 9/23/05 Review: 'Corpse Bride' Magical, Stylish Tale

Seattle Times 9/23/05 Here comes "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride"

Philly.com 9/23/05 Till death do we ... marry?

Seattle PI 9/23/05 'Corpse Bride' is Tim Burton at his whimsical best

NBC13 9/22/05 Danny Elfman's Bonejangles Rattles 'Corpse Bride'

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/22/05 Burton digs deeper for 'Corpse Bride'



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