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This page has links to news and websites about the Troy Movie


About Troy


An epic story of love and war set in 1193 B.C., 'Troy' is a tale about the Prince Paris of Troy played by Orlando Bloom and Queen Helen of Sparta Diane Kruger whose love affair ignites a war between the Trojans and the Greeks.


News Articles about the movie Troy


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Websites about Troy


Troy - Official movie site - Official Site from Warner Brothers.

SirLinksalot: Troy the Movie Links - Find news links a nd a directory to websites about the show.

Troy Poster Shop - Find posters related to the movie.

Yahoo Group - Troy the Movie - Interact with other fans with message board, chat, pictures and links.

Yahoo Movies - Troy - Reviews and other information about the movie.


Websites - Troy Stars


Celebrity Spider - Brad Pitt - Links to news and related websites.

Celebrity Spider - Diane Kruger - Links to news and related websites.

Celebrity Spider - Orlando Bloom - Links to news and related websites.


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