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The saga of the battle between the vampire Death Dealers and the werewolf Lycans continues, as the two sides position themselves for the mother or all wars.  The film provides some history on the ancient tribal feud as the beautiful vampire heroine Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Lycan hybrid Michael (Scott Speedman) attempt to uncover the secrets of their bloodlines.


News Articles about Underworld: Evolution


Jam! 6/5/06 'Underworld' DVD has bite

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/06 'Underworld' tops boxoffice with $27.6 mil debut

CBS 1/23/06 'Underworld' Outpaces Globe Winners

Toronto Star 1/22/06 Beckinsale a vampire in leather

Hollywood Reporter 1/21/06 Underworld: Evolution

Philly.com 1/21/06 Vampire-werewolf tale is draining, hairy

Knox News 1/21/06 Gore, exposition undermine sequel

Seattle PI 1/21/06 'Underworld' II: Did somebody bust a vein?

Newsday 1/21/06 'Underworld Evolution' evolves into nothing

Zap2It 1/20/06 Underworld: Evolution

Coming Soon 1/20/06 The Evolution of Kate Beckinsale

Orlando Sentinel 1/20/06 Underworld: Evolution (1 star out of 5)

Daily Record 1/20/06 Underworld: Evolution

Cinescape 1/20/06 Wiseman & Beckinsale Talk Underworld Sequel

CBS 1/19/06 A Vampire Named Kate

ET Online 1/16/06 Return to 'Underworld'

Zap2It 1/16/06 'Underworld: Evolution' Builds a Better Monster

MTV 1/10/06 Blood, Sweat And Fur 'Underworld: Evolution' Mysteries Explained

Access Hollywood 1/10/06 Kate: Love In The 'Underworld'

MTV 1/4/06 'Underworld' Evolves With Winged Vampires, Leaping Werewolves

Coming Soon 12/30/05 Official Underworld: Evolution Site Active

Coming Soon 11/4/05 Underworld: Evolution Set Visit - Part 3

Coming Soon 11/3/05 New Underworld & Stranger Images

Coming Soon 10/28/05 Underworld: Evolution Set Visit - Part 2

Coming Soon 10/25/05 Underworld: Evolution Set Visit - Part 1


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