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This movie tells the story of an aspiring model who falls in love with a struggling musician when they cross paths on a subway train in New York City.  They cross paths again later again in Los Angeles after both have achieved success.


News Articles about Undiscovered


Newsday 8/26/05 Undiscovered

Zap2It 8/26/05 Undiscovered

Detroit News 8/26/05 'Undiscovered' is special kind of 'tweener, 'tween utterly moronic and really boring

Toledo Blade 8/26/05 Movie review: Undiscovered *

Houston Chronicle 8/26/05 Undiscovered reveals very little thought

Toronto Star 8/26/05 Best left under a rock

NY Daily News 8/26/05 'Undiscovered' it shall be

Jam! 8/26/05 'Undiscovered' strictly for teen girls

Philly.com 8/26/05 Teen romance with a dollop of indie

Seattle PI 8/26/05 'Undiscovered' should have stayed that way
Globe and Mail 8/26/05 Undiscovered **

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/25/05 'Undiscovered' can't find its way

Access Hollywood 8/24/05 Ashlee's 'Undiscovered' Premiere

Teen Hollywood 8/23/05 Ashlee Simpson: Still “Undiscovered”?

Zap2It 8/23/05 Simpson Goes Method for 'Undiscovered'

ET Online 6/23/05 The Simpson Sisters' Hollywood Takeover?

IGN 6/2/05 Preview: Undiscovered


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Celebrity Spider - Ashlee Simpson


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