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The creator of “Scream” and the director of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” have collaborated on this voodoo horror film set deep in the Louisiana bayou.  Mr. Jangles is a man possessed by thirteen evil souls killed by a priestess of the dark arts.  He becomes evil himself and collects keys as trophies from his victims, spreading terror among the local teenagers.


News Articles about Venom


Entertainment Weekly 9/21/05 Venom

Boston Globe 9/16/05 Ridiculous slasher flick 'Venom' lacks brains and bite

Chicago Tribune 9/16/05 Dialogue-impaired script offs teen thriller `Venom'

Knox News 9/16/05 Toxic mix of bland story, cliched characters dulls scares

Houston Chronicle 9/16/05 Venom has no story, but plenty of cheap thrills

Seattle PI 9/16/05 'Venom' is everything a swamp slasher should be

Seattle Times 9/16/05 Boo, hiss: "Venom" is toothless 9/16/05 Horror in the swamp is lacking any real bite

Detroit News 9/14/05 'Venom' depicts death in Louisiana swamps

BBC 9/14/05 Louisiana horror film to go ahead


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