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War Of The Worlds
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About War of the Worlds


This movie, starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg is a contemporary version of the classic H.G. Well's radio classic in which Martians come to earth to destroy the human race.   The movie is one families story in dealing with the battle for the future of the planet.


News Articles about War of the Worlds


Teen Hollywood 12/9/05 DVD Review: War of the Worlds

Jam! 11/22/05 'War of the Worlds' invades video stores

Washington Post 11/20/05 Spielberg's Winning 'War'

Entertainment Weekly 11/18/05 War of the Worlds

Digital Spy 9/30/05 'War of the Worlds' DVD out in November

Cinescape 9/13/05 Worlds Invades Homes in November

Cinema Spider 8/3/05 War of the Worlds Passes $500 Million Worldwide Box Office

Fox News 7/23/05 Box Office Shocker: 'Hustle' Tops 'War'

Hollywood Reporter 7/18/05 'Madagascar,' 'Worlds' earn $61 mil o'seas for UIP

Hollywood Reporter 7/15/05 China declares 'War' must wait 2 weeks

Hollywood Reporter 7/14/05 China's foreign film blackout delays 'War of the Worlds'

Digital Spy 7/13/05 'War of the Worlds' holds UK top spot

NY Daily News 7/11/05 'Four' soar, top 'War' at No. 1

Oklahoma Daily 7/8/05 Review: War of the Worlds has a Spielberg touch

Hollywood Reporter 7/6/05 'War' rages at boxoffice with $112.8 mil in 6 days

BBC 7/6/05 Global success for War of Worlds

News.com.au 7/6/05 Otto plumped for role

Hollywood Reporter 7/5/05 'War' brings life to o'seas gate

BBC 7/5/05 Cruise takes over UK box office

Zap2It 7/4/05 'War' Wins Red, White and Blue Box Office

Entertainment Weekly 7/4/05 Winning the 'War'

USA Today 7/4/05 Cruise, aliens set 'Worlds' records

E!Online 7/4/05 "War" Cruises to Victory

Hollywood Reporter 7/4/05 'War' wages at weekend Box Office with $77.6 million bow

Digital Spy 7/4/05 'War of the Worlds' invades UK

NY Daily News 7/4/05 Cruise makes 'War' & love pay off


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