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Set against the considerably backward backdrop of 1930s Colonial India, the film opens when 8-year old (not a typo) Chuyia (Sarala) is widowed and sent to a home where she and her fellow widows must live out their lives in penitence (translate, eliminate the financial burden to their family). Governance of the ashram takes the corpulent form of the pompous and spongy Madhumati (Manorama). The elderly widow's only friend is Gulabi (Raghuvir Yadav), a sprightly hermaphrodite (again, not a typo) who supplies Madhumati with ganga, gossip and an extra source of income: pimping out the hottest widow in the ashram, the lovely Kalyani (Lisa Ray).


Meanwhile Chuyia, convinced her mother will come for her, imbues the house with her feisty presence which begins to infect the others with some long-overdue defiance. Quiet Shakuntala (Seema Biswas) allows herself to fall for a Ghandian idealist who recites scriptures to the pilgrims as they bathe in the ghats of the Ganges. Kalyani meets young lawyer Narayan (John Abrahahm) and as the two commit the sin of falling in love in defiance of the religious prohibitions concerning widows, Kalyani begins to resist Madhumati and her clientele. But when she eventually escapes to Narayan's waiting arms and he spirits Kalyani away to his parents' house, she recognizes the portico and asks the full name of Narayan's father. At his reply, she demands he turn the boat around; what ensues will change their lives, and the life of the little catalyst Chuyia, forever.


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