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About Wicker Park


This movie stars Josh Hartnett as A young Chicago investment banker who believes a woman he sees in a cafe is his long-lost love.  He then puts his engagement on hold follows her home to her apartment, where he waits for her.  His quest turns to a dangerous obsession when she vanishes without a trace.


News Articles about Wicker Park


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CNN 9/3/04 'Wicker Park' awkward, contrived

Seattle PI 9/3/04 Romantic thriller 'Wicker Park' is refreshingly true to its French connection

Las Vegas Mercury 9/2/04 Wicker Park

North County Times 9/1/04 Chase is on in odd romance 'Wicker Park'

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Coming Soon 9/1/04 Hartnett, Kruger & Byrne Talk Wicker Park

Teen Hollywood 9/1/04 Josh Hartnett: Independent Heartthrob

About.com 8/31/04 Diane Kruger Discusses "Wicker Park"

Zap2It 8/31/04 Hartnett Lacks Heart for Hollywood Endings

Zap2It 8/31/04 'Wicker' Director Still Searching for 'Slevin'

Chicago Sun-Times 8/29/04 Harnett delights in the role of the boy next door

Teen Hollywood 8/26/04 Hartnett Found Lillard 'too Serious'

ET Online 8/26/04 Josh Hartnett Looks for Love in 'Wicker Park'


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Websites about Wicker Park


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