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In this movie a pro tennis player is in a funk and has fallen in rank to 157.  He meets a young player on the women's circuit played by Kirsten Dunst who helps him recapture his focus for Wimbledon.


News Articles about Wimbledon


Ananova 10/7/04 Wimbledon duo team up again

BBC 10/5/04 Wimbledon film still tops chart

Contact Music 9/29/04 Wimbledon Proves A Smash UK Hit

BBC 9/28/04 Wimbledon film tops UK box office

New Zealand Herald 9/26/04 Anyone for Tennis?

Teen Hollywood 9/22/04 Kirsten grunts

Contact Music 9/22/04 Wimbledon Stars: Don't Knock Our Tennis

Contact Music 9/21/04 Dunst Subjected To Bettany's Bad Language

Sky.com 9/21/04 Our Acting's Ace, Say Stars

This Is London 9/21/04 Wimbledon stars hit back at critics

MegaStar 9/21/04 Dunst plays ball

Ananova 9/21/04 Stars shine at Wimbledon premiere

BBC 9/21/04 Kirsten and Paul get to grips with their balls

BBC 9/20/04 Wimbledon film to make UK debut

Boston Globe 9/18/04 'Wimbledon' loses at both tennis and romance

Knox News 9/18/04 Love equals winning score in 'Wimbledon'

Salon 9/17/04 "Wimbledon"

Orlando Sentinel 9/17/04 Wimbledon

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/17/04 ‘Wimbledon’ serves up old-fashioned romance

Christian Science Monitor 9/17/04 From actor to instant tennis pro

Chicago Sun-Times 9/17/04 Wimbledon - Roger Ebert Review

Teen Hollywood 9/17/04 Movie Review: Wimbledon

Philly.com 9/17/04 The bad girl of tennis gets a lesson in love

Toronto Star 9/17/04 Racquets and romance make for a lively match

Seattle PI 9/17/04 Pleasant comedy gets a romantic score of love-love

Houston Chronicle 9/17/04 'Wimbledon' stars serve well, but the script's no ace

NY Times 9/17/04 Learning to Win at Love With a Center Court Rally

Seattle Times 9/17/04 Despite talented team, "Wimbledon" is no love match

USA Today 9/17/04 'Wimbledon' serves up a sweet romantic comedy

BBC 9/17/04 Review: Wimbledon

NY Daily News 9/17/04 Duo plays to game, set and mismatch

Indy Star 9/17/04 Tennis movie 'Wimbledon' has believability on and off the court

Newsday 9/17/04 Wimbledon

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/17/04 Dunst, Bettany a winning match

Teen Hollywood 9/17/04 Kirsten Dunst: Volleying for Privacy

Chart Attack 9/16/04 Film Review: Wimbledon

The Trades 9/16/04 "Wimbledon" Review

Coming Soon 9/15/04 Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany on Wimbledon
Teen Hollywood 9/15/04 Paul Bettany: On Center Court
Detroit News 9/15/04 Review: 'Wimbledon' banter like tennis

USA Today 9/15/04 A 'Wimbledon' party, served without a fault

MTV 9/14/04 'Wimbledon' Stars Saw Their Share Of Tears, Stray Balls, Scotch On Set

Hello 9/14/04 Maria Sharapova holds court at 'Wimbledon' premiere

Boston Herald 9/14/04 Dunst takes center court with role in `Wimbledon'

Contact Music 9/14/04 Dunst Plays Down Role In Wimbledon

ET Online 9/13/04 Kirsten Makes a Racket!

Chicago Sun-Times 9/12/04 Dunst not too crazy about the fame racket

NY Daily News 9/12/04 Court in the act

Digital Spy 9/11/04 Dunst offended by co-star's bad language

Hollywood Reporter 9/10/04 Wimbledon

Zap2It 9/2/04 Bettany Scores at 'Wimbledon'

Zap2It 9/1/04 Bettany Gets Ribbing Over 'Wimbledon'

ET Online 8/27/04 Kirsten & Paul's Love Match

BBC 8/13/04 Kirsten: Don't call me Anna

Music From the Movies 6/23/04 Shearmur takes over 'Wimbledon'

MLIve 6/13/04 Big Time Actor

IGN 6/10/04 Wimbledon Preview Served

IGN 7/1/03 Dunst Talks Tennis

IGN 6/26/03 Wimbledon Delays Wimbledon


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