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About Without a Paddle


In this movie three friends go out into the Washington wilderness to search for the famed airliner highjacker D.B. Cooper's ransom money.  $194,200 out of the $200,000 remains unaccounted for and the trio is determined to find it.  A high-speed comedy-adventure story comes out of the antics of the three as well as the twists and turns of the story.


News Articles about Without a Paddle


Boston Globe 8/20/04 Lame comedy leaves 'Paddle' up a creek

Toledo Blade 8/20/04 Movie review: Without A Paddle *

Mercury News 8/20/04 Humor too shallow to keep pals afloat

Teen Hollywood 8/20/04 Movie Review: Without a Paddle

Toronto Star 8/20/04 No laughs, no Deliverance

Houston Chronicle 8/20/04 Vulgar, yes; crude, you bet; but, man, 'Paddle' is funny

Detroit News 8/20/04 Nothing deep here - 'Paddle' floats along on pure silliness

CBS 8/20/04 Burt Reynolds The Cave Man

Boston Herald 8/20/04 Without a Paddle

USA Today 8/20/04 'Paddle' needs a lifeline

Seattle PI 8/20/04 'Without a Paddle': There's no deliverance in this gross-out comedy

NY Daily News 8/20/04 Stuck up a creek without laughs

Indy Star 8/20/04 No 'Paddle,' and not much else

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/20/04 'Paddle' jokes miss the boat

Teen Hollywood 8/19/04 Matt Lillard: Paddling His Own Canoe

Journal Now 8/19/04 Movie-length sitcom needs more than a paddle

Philly.com 8/19/04 Backwoods comedy fails to be campy

Newsday 8/19/04 A wild way to waste your time

Chicago Sun-Times 8/19/04 A back-handed nod to local improv god Del Close in film

Stuff 8/18/04 Paddle film panned, NZ set loved

NY Daily News 8/17/04 Stand & Deliverance

Toronto Star 8/16/04 Trio works hard, jokes harder

Zap2It 8/16/04 'Paddle' Guys Bear their Big Hairy Co-Star

TV Guide 8/16/04 Punk'd Star's No Dope

Boston Herald 8/15/04 Green with envy: `Without a Paddle' actor strokes fans with silly star attitude

Detroit News 8/14/04 Milford actor will likely build on lessons learned in 'Paddle'
ET Online 8/13/04 Seth Green: Mountain Man?

Coming Soon 8/13/04 Watch 7 Minutes of Without a Paddle

BBC 8/13/04 Shaggy up the creek

The Trades 8/7/04 "Without a Paddle" Review

The Trades 7/15/04 Bonnie Somerville Interview


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