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As Carl and Molly Peterson (Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson) are starting their newly married life together, building routine and stability, their best man – Carl’s lifelong best buddy Dupree (Owen Wilson) – is hitting the skids.  Recently fired and living in a bar with nowhere else to go, Dupree is genuinely grateful when his friend offers him a spot on the couch.  At first, Carl loves the arrangement of having his fun loving buddy as a permanent fixture, while Molly reluctantly bears the brunt of Dupree’s constant immaturities.  Eventually, however, the tables begin to turn as Carl finds it increasingly difficult to juggle the responsibilities of his job, his role as husband and being a friend/babysitter to Dupree.  To add insult to injury, Dupree and Molly are developing a great friendship.  Even Molly’s dad and the neighbors are succumbing to Dupree’s offbeat wit and charm.  Soon Carl is the lone voice of sanity in an all out, three’s a crowd calamity, and hilarity ensues.  This comedy also features Amanda Detmer, Jason Winer, Bill Hader, Suzanne Ford, and Todd Stashwick and Michael Douglas.


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