Zathura (Advance Release)
Zathura (Advance Release)
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This magical tale, based on the best-selling children’s book by acclaimed author Chris Van Allsburg (The Polar Express, Jumanji) begins when two young brothers find a mysterious game in the basement of their old house.  As the boys squabble, the board game comes to life and their house flies off into space.  On their fast-paced journey through the cosmos, they are joined by a stranded astronaut.  The trio must survive meteor showers, hostile aliens, a crazed robot and an intergalactic battle.  The boys discover that their biggest challenge lies in finishing the game, for if they fail to reach the planet Zathura, they are doomed to wander outer space forever.


News Articles about Zathura


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Chicago Sun-Times 11/11/05 Zathura - Roger Ebert review

AJC 11/11/05 'Zathura' is a thrill ride for the kids

Teen Hollywood 11/11/05 Movie Review: Zathura

Chicago Tribune 11/11/05 'Zathura' fun is in low orbit

Baltimore Sun 11/11/05 'Zathura': a real blast of imagination

Dallas Morning News 11/11/05 Sticking to his story

Metro 11/11/05 Filmmaker: my son, the barometer

Houston Chronicle 11/11/05 An adventure so fun you'll want to play

Seattle PI 11/11/05 'Zathura' binds the familiar and fantastic into an imaginative cosmic adventure

Toronto Star 11/11/05 Zathura: Into the void

Detroit News 11/11/05 'Zathura' will take your family for a wild ride

NBC13 11/11/05 Review: 'Zathura' Surreal, Successful Family Fantasy

Metro 11/11/05 Zathura proves delightful

USA Today 11/11/05 'Zathura' goes for a spin, and gets lost in space

NY Daily News 11/11/05 Fun for the whole family? It's a fantasy

Globe and Mail 11/11/05 Zathura ***

Toledo Blade 11/11/05 Movie review: Zathura ****

Seattle Times 11/11/05 "Zathura": Humanity keeps space fantasy grounded 11/11/05 Fun 'Zathura' takes flight as it keeps effects in check

Zap2It 11/11/05 Zathura (PG)

NY Times 11/11/05 From Suburbia and Stranded Somewhere Near Saturn

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/10/05 Space odyssey hits home, thanks to young stars

Journal Now 11/10/05 Fantasy-comedy combo makes Zathura a delight for young and old alike

Entertainment Weekly 11/9/05 Zathura


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